Yext Pages: Características

Las mejores características te preparan para el éxito.

Competition for consumers’ attention is fierce. Don’t believe us? Go look at the cost per click to bid on the term "pizza" or “insurance” in your neighborhood. Yext Pages provide the firepower you need to ensure that your brand appears to consumers in intelligent search results — and that the answers they see are always accurate.

Páginas locales

Showcase each of your locations, offices, agents, doctors, and more with dedicated pages on your website and mobile app. Built with SEO best practices like tagging, a fully configurable URL scheme, and a responsive experience across all devices, Yext Pages ensure that consumers see complete, accurate knowledge about your stores, agents, offices, or service centers in intelligent search results.

With Yext’s powerful technology, flexible options, and team of experts, you can be confident that your pages are created with the rich information, design elements, custom calls-to-action, and level of IT involvement that suits your business.

Locator & Directory

Do some of your kitchens stay open late? Which of your agents speak Spanish? Help customers choose the best location for them to visit with a powerful, flexible locator in your website and mobile app that automatically display the most conveniently located store, branch, office, or restaurant for searching consumers.

If you want to compel search engines to rank your brand first, your directory is the key to convincing them. The best directories organize information so it’s easy and fast for crawlers to digest. Yext sets you up for success by organizing your location data so intelligent services know exactly where to find the information they’re looking for.

Biblioteca de componentes

Inform, engage, and convert customers with high-value page elements designed to align with your marketing strategy and match the experience that consumers entered your page from.

Create an ideal customer experience on your Pages by adding social media feeds (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), YouTube videos, in-store events and promotions, reviews, and lists of products, services, and brands. Then drive conversions from your Page by letting customers tap to call an Uber to your store, book an appointment, or buy online to pick up in-store.

Páginas en múltiples idiomas

Whether your locations are across the globe or across city lines, your customers are diverse. Increasingly, so are their search terms.

The Yext Knowledge Manager supports multi-lingual content storage — right out of the box. Yext Multi-Language Pages take Yext’s global reach a step further, by getting your content in front of consumers who search in their native language.

Páginas de categorías

It’s a no-brainer that you want your locations to rank for “department store,” “insurance,” or “home services.” But does your brand win out against competitors down the street when customers search for “furniture,” “auto insurance,” or “carpet cleaning?”

Yext Category Pages help you seize more high-intent traffic from unbranded search, based on the product lines or services you offer.


You can’t optimize what you can’t measure. With Yext, you can get true visibility into how and when consumers interact with your Pages — and how those interactions drive real business. Yext delivers industry-standard analytics (like search terms, page views, and traffic sources) and turns those analytics into insights by combining them with a complete view of your brand’s presence and performance across search engines, devices, and geographies.

Pages Insights allows you to view your Pages information alongside your 3rd party listings analytics, or even export the data to your favorite web analytics tool — so you can uncover new opportunities to optimize your digital knowledge and overall strategy.

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