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Mr. Marketing Expands Client List and Increases Fee Volume with Yext

«That's how we grow as a company, and Yext helps us do it: monetizing clients and turning their websites into oil wells that deliver month after month. Yext is definitely an important piece of the puzzle. Clients need things to happen quickly, and they aren't going to wait around.»

Matthew Rubin, President

Mr. Marketing began as a side-business for its founder who had a passion for local search engine optimization (SEO) and today has grown into a technical firm that markets and develops websites, web applications, and mobile applications for small businesses. "As Google’s technology increased so did the market’s need for more sophisticated websites and web applications. I know the Google Maps API like the back of my hand," says Matthew Rubin, President. Mr. Marketing has cultivated a committed and ever-growing client base of primarily franchisors, franchisees, real estate agencies, and e-commerce companies.

With a deep technical focus to its offerings, Mr. Marketing partners when necessary. "We’re not everything to everyone — graphic designers, public relations managers, or social media mavericks. Therefore when we come across something that we do not specialize in, we partner," says Rubin. This philosophy lead to Mr. Marketing’s partnership with Yext. "Although I had heard of Yext for some time, it was only when I learned that one company’s decision to stop reselling Yext ultimately lead to that company’s demise that I had an ‘aha’ moment," remarks Rubin. "Yext at first glance seemed rather pricey, which had made me hesitant to make the commitment. Then I realized that Mr. Marketing had to have Yext."

"In terms of the Yext product, Duplicate Suppression is probably where Yext has had the most meaningful impact for our business," observes Rubin. Yext’s inherent focus on local and its industry-leading Duplicate Suppression feature have enhanced Mr. Marketing’s offering to small business customers in lucrative ways. "Often we get clients who have worked with multiple SEO firms in the past and are burdened with incorrect listings as a result of those previous relationships. Being able to take control of their listings within just a few days and suppress the incorrect ones is absolutely huge," explains Rubin.

A company cannot fix duplicate listings in the data or in the aggregators, only at the publisher level, which makes trying to fix them feel like playing Whack-a-Mole. Yext solved for that in a scalable, effective way by allowing businesses to remove outdated or duplicate listings from publishers across the PowerListings Network of local search apps, sites, and maps. This means that Rubin and his team can help clients who are relocating their business to a new location. "Within 6 months in the new city, Yext helped a key client of ours establish his business as one of the most successful competitors in the space," Rubin recalls.

In addition to utilizing Duplicate Suppression, Rubin and his team have leveraged Yext to save time—and time is money. "It is not so much that Yext does things for me that I couldn’t do for myself. It is more that Yext does things quickly, and time is absolutely critical when you are trying to monetize a new client," explains Rubin. "Having a fantastic listings solution in place allows our team to focus on other areas of the marketing campaign and web or app development, which in turn helps the client see a return on its investment with Mr. Marketing quickly," he says.

One smaller client he cites is an extremely location-based company that has seen exponential growth and success through Mr. Marketing’s Yext-powered offering. Rubin explains how the client "is happy to pay Mr. Marketing four figures a month—four times what it started paying in fees—because it is making millions! That is how we grow as a company: monetizing clients and turning their websites into oil wells that deliver month after month. If we fail to monetize a client in 4-5 months, it will cancel. Clients aren’t going to wait around. They need measurable benefit to happen quickly and consistently," he explains. "Our partnership with Yext allows us to hit success within that timeframe, delight the client year over year, and meanwhile also focus on winning new clients," concludes Rubin.