Physiocorp se integra con Yext para proporcionar asistencia de rehabilitación extrahospitalaria y habilitar el movimiento a gran velocidad

Clientes de Physiocorp

«La ubicación depende de la facilidad de acceso, la capacidad de encontrar un lugar conveniente, y de ser capaz de hacerlo de forma rápida y precisa. ¿Consiguen las personas encontrar una clínica cuando lo necesitan? Es vital para nuestro negocio que esta información sea fiable en cualquier lugar donde la gente la busque. Por eso estamos encantados de asociarnos con Yext. Sencillamente, Yext es una parte esencial del motor que lleva a la gente a nuestra página web y les ayuda a encontrar nuestras ubicaciones físicas.»

Steve Oliver, vicepresidente de ventas y marketing
550 Clínicas
61 % Aumento en las listas del negocio
125 % Aumento de participación en los Clickable Featured Message con ofertas especiales

For nearly 25 years, Physiocorp has been providing outpatient physical rehabilitation care. From physical, occupational, and speech therapy to orthotics and prosthetics, its full suite of services holistically treats all types of injuries — from everyday aches and pains to traumatic injuries — and offers work-related and sports performance rehabilitation for people of all ages. With over 550 clinics located throughout 29 states, Physiocorp is truly empowering movement at the speed of life.

Al tiempo que el escenario de la asistencia sanitaria continúa en cambio constante y que la tecnología ha capacitado el autodiagnóstico y la investigación en Internet, los pacientes (los milenials en particular) se vuelven mucho más activos en lo que se refiere a la toma decisiones relacionadas con la atención sanitaria. "Desde que estoy aquí, me he esforzado en cambiar la cartera de marketing de Physiocorp para que se centre mucho más directamente en el paciente, además de alterar nuestra cartera de tal manera que sus promociones se dirijan directamente a los pacientes", explica Steve Oliver, vicepresidente de Ventas y Marketing. Este hecho realza la principal tendencia que están mostrando organizaciones de asistencia sanitaria al dar un giro desde un modelo de marketing al por mayor a uno que se oriente al paciente. "Necesitamos emplear la tecnología lo mejor que podemos y usarla como una de las partes centrales de nuestra estrategia", explica Oliver. "Debemos mejorar continuamente las capacidades de los pacientes, primero para que nos conozcan y, después, para que quieran hacer negocios con nosotros."

Accurate Digital Knowledge Is Crucial in a Constantly Changing Landscape Where People’s Health Is on the Line

Physiocorp leases all of its brick-and-mortar locations. As such, clinics are opened, closed, and relocated with relative frequency. With so many clinics nationwide and a local footprint that is constantly shifting, it can be difficult to keep track of digital knowledge at the corporate level. In today’s digital world, that online business data has to be managed — and managed efficiently. Moreover, accurate listings data in the healthcare space carry particular importance due to the simple fact that people’s health is on the line.

"When I joined Physiocorp over four years ago, everything was manual," Oliver explains. "And before I joined, there were years where no one was managing our digital knowledge at all. There was data out there, collected in cobweb areas of the internet where other search engines spider across and grab information, coming from completely outdated places. We were searching, saying, ‘My God, there has to be a way to manage this differently.’"

That’s where Yext comes into play. Physiocorp uses Yext Listings to manage the public facts about its brand. The Yext Knowledge Engine enables brands like Physiocorp to manage the digital knowledge about their people, places, and products across their websites, mobile apps, internal systems, and the entire PowerListings® Network — over 100 maps, apps, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks including Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo.

"We actually got in touch with Yext very early on in the company’s growth, and I was immediately intrigued by the product," recalls Oliver. Its real-time capabilities particularly appealed to us. We signed on soon after."

"The whole process we were able to do with our Yext team’s guidance and expertise," Oliver says. "That was the big overhaul step, and we have seen significant positive returns on that. Yext’s Google capabilities particularly appealed to Oliver as an alternative to making manual, bulk updates to Google that took days or weeks to display. Yext’s integration allows organizations worldwide to make real-time updates to their information on Google’s key properties, including Google Search and Google Maps, ensuring patients browsing the world’s largest search engine always find Physiocorp’s listings. "We are absolutely thrilled about Yext’s Google My Business integration! Google is such a significant partner and really has an impact on overall SEO. Prior to Yext, this was an extraordinarily manual process, and a huge hassle. We had a marketing coordinator who used to sit there and literally make changes on Google My Business directly for all 550 clinics. We don’t have to waste any more time on that anymore!"

The Yext team also worked with Physiocorp to integrate Yext’s API with the healthcare provider’s existing data system, thereby creating a single source of truth for all of the company’s digital knowledge. Recalls Oliver, "We worked with Yext to develop micro pages — one for each of our 550 clinics. With Yext’s digital asset management functionality permitting approvals and workflows for multiple users on the platform, each clinic director can be responsible for that clinic’s management. That clinic page is where our web developer worked alongside the Yext team to link up that open API so that the two can talk to each other to the extent that we don’t need to do any manual intervention anymore! Now, each of our clinic directors is responsible for updating critical information such as certain hours changing with seasons and holidays, for example. We still centrally manage and lock down address. Hours, services, all that is what clinic directors enter into our backend for our website. That is the source of truth and automatically feeds to Yext via a platform API. This means that when we make any changes in our environment for any of our clinics, they get filtered out to all of the subscriptions that Yext manages for us," Oliver beams. This empowers those directors to take control of their own digital knowledge while allowing Physiocorp corporate to maintain central brand control.

Yext’s people have been a key part of the process in helping Physiocorp to achieve such a sophisticated use of the platform. "I will be point blank honest — I don’t think there are words to describe the account management services that Yext provides. I have been in this business 25 years. They are just phenomenal," states Oliver. "Our account rep and the enterprise operations team have gone above and beyond helping us to understand and achieve certain things. I often feel technology is changing by the minute, and Yext keeps us on top of everything. Yext’s people are among the best with whom I have had the pleasure to work. They have made it a great partnership and really allowed us to work in a way we can take full advantage of the Yext Knowledge Engine."

The Results Speak for Themselves

Since launching with Yext, Physiocorp has seen remarkable improvement in its digital presence, increasing the total number of listings by 61% and leveraging Yext’s Duplicate Suppression to eliminate duplicate listings across the web once and for all. The company has updated 23,000+ names and address, 43,000+ phone numbers, and 48,000+ website URLs — and has added 96,000+ business descriptions and 619,000+ photos.

Aprovechando las capacidades sociales de Yext y haciendo de ello una parte clave de nuestra estrategia digital, el equipo de Oliver publica activamente en Facebook directamente desde la plataforma. También aprovechan las funciones mejoradas de Yext para impulsar más reservas para consultas médicas. Al sustituir el botón estándar "Llame hoy" por un mensaje sobre el que se puede hacer clic, que es único y que se ha localizado y actualizado a través de la plataforma Yext, Physiocorp fue testimonio de un aumento del 125% en compromiso en tan solo dos meses.

The Future for Yext and Physiocorp

As mobile search continues to dominate an increasingly large share of the online search market, location remains critical to Physiocorp’s competitive factor — even more so now that it has been purchased by Select Medical, one of the nation’s largest providers of specialized hospital, rehabilitative, and outpatient care. Physiocorp will be expanding its brand from 550 locations to ~1600 outpatient rehabilitation locations through the Yext platform.

"Todo se reduce a ofrecer mayor facilidad de acceso, la capacidad de encontrar una ubicación de manera sencilla para el usuario y que pueda hacerlo de una manera rápida y efectiva. ¿Consiguen las personas encontrar una clínica cuando lo necesitan? Es vital para nuestro negocio que esta información sea fiable en cualquier lugar donde la gente la busque. Por eso estamos encantados de asociarnos con Yext. Sencillamente, Yext es una parte esencial del motor que lleva a la gente a nuestra página web y les ayuda a encontrar nuestras ubicaciones físicas", concluye Oliver.