FTD se asocia con Yext para proporcionar soluciones tecnológicas punteras para sus floristas

Flores de FTD

«Aunque el ecosistema está evolucionando continuamente y el futuro no está siempre claro, lo que podemos hacer ahora es asociarnos con los proveedores más innovadores que se están anticipando a los cambios por y para nosotros. Estoy seguro de que hemos tomado la decisión correcta con Yext.»

Dan Boron, vicepresidente de comercio electrónico, división de floristas
15 M Impresiones de búsquedas
750 000 Visualizaciones de perfil
56 % Índice de compromiso con las páginas de la tienda

FTD ha estado desestabilizando el sector de las flores desde su creación en 1910, cuando un grupo de trece floristas se unieron para enviar pedidos florales por todos los Estados Unidos por telégrafo. Ahora, más de 100 años después, FTD se ha transformado en uno de los vendedores de flores y regalos en línea más grandes y fiables del mundo. Se centra en la innovación, la calidad y el arte como elementos clave para el éxito.

FTD’s florist business provides a comprehensive suite of products and services to members of its FTD floral network, including services that enable FTD members to send, receive, and deliver floral orders. Floral network members include traditional retail florists — as well as other retail locations offering floral and related products – that are located primarily in the U.S. and Canada. FTD’s large network provides an order fulfillment vehicle for FTD.com and allows FTD to offer same-day delivery throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Innovative, Best-in-Class Technology is Key to Digital Customer Engagement

FTD sees itself as a marketing platform for its member florists, and this is why the leadership team has critically focused on providing its members with the best products and services. In an increasingly digitally-dominated search ecosystem and a rapidly expanding florist network, FTD’s eCommerce team in 2011 realized the need to find an innovative technology solution that would help provide its member network with the best digital marketing services so that they could keep up with today’s uber-connected customers and compete in an increasingly competitive space. "When I took responsibility for the online segment of our business, a big part of my mission was to innovate and renovate," explains Dan Boron, Vice President of eCommerce, Florist Division. "I looked at our service offering and paired that up against technology limitations as well as what was working internally," notes Boron. "Our florists don’t have the time to research innovative digital marketing technology solutions, so we make it our mission to do it for them."

"Our focus is providing our florists with best-in-class technology and support to drive more customers to their doorstep, and that’s exactly what Yext provides," says Boron. During an extensive search, Boron spoke to over 50 vendors (including data aggregators) offering mobile, advertising, pay-per-click, and directory services. Then he came across Yext. "Yext’s digital knowledge management platform offering immediately stood out, and I realized this was going to be an extremely important differentiator for our business. At the time, no one in our space had recognized or prioritized listings management as a key source for organic search impressions."

The Yext Knowledge Engine enables brands like FTD to manage the digital knowledge about their people, places, and products across their websites, mobile apps, internal systems, and the entire PowerListings® Network — over 100 maps, apps, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks including Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo.

FTD se unió a Yext Listings y lanzó ubicaciones por todo el país. FTD trabajó con el equipo Yext para incluir Yext Listings en su oferta de floristas existente, lo que FTD llama eBiz Marketing. FTD dividió la capacidad de Yext Listings entre los niveles Oro y Plata de su programa, a los que los floristas podían inscribirse o cancelar mensualmente. "Es importante para nosotros proporcionar a nuestros clientes, los floristas miembros, opciones con niveles y opciones de inscripción flexibles, para que solo paguen por los servicios que quieren y necesitan. Yext nos ayudó a crear una solución personalizada para hacer felices a nuestros clientes," explica Boron.

Ya que el negocio de FTD depende en gran parte del cumplimiento rápido y eficiente y del servicio de entrega, el seguimiento de las opiniones y participación en línea es vital para el enfoque sobre el servicio al cliente local. "Las opiniones son un componente crítico de nuestra estrategia en línea, que es por lo que nos encanta aprovechar el componente de monitorización de opiniones de Yext Listings," dice Boron. "La parte más importante de nuestro seguimiento de opiniones es el conocimiento. Queremos asegurarnos de que los floristas miembros saben lo que la gente dice de ellos. Este es el primer paso para mejorar."

The Numbers Do the Talking

Soon after launching with Yext, FTD’s digital presence showed a dramatic improvement; the brand experienced a 43% increase in total listings and 100% increase for its participating locations. FTD updated 67,000+ names, 63,000+ addresses, 92,000+ phone numbers, and 419,000+ website URLs, and it added 266,000 business descriptions, 447,000 photos, and 425,000 special offers. Impressed with the immediate effect Yext was able to have on enhancing FTD’s digital presence, Boron decided to explore the Pages product to revamp its online directory system. "Part of the rationale for Pages is simply that I needed to enhance what we had been using as a directory program," recalls Boron. "Yext’s Pages team was able to replace our FTDFlorists.com directory with the Pages program. With Pages, we have a modern offering, and we also have a great support system from Yext."

FTD’s big investment in Yext paid off. "The biggest thing we look for in our KPIs is the strength of the data before and after Yext, that the data is cleaner and is actually having an effect on driving more traffic to our site," explains Boron. "The analytics clearly show that the more involved we became with Yext’s digital knowledge management platform, the more we move the needle in securing increased traffic to our site." Within a discrete timeframe, Yext-powered listings secured FTD 15 million search impressions, 750,000 profile views, and an impressive 5.42% engagement rate. FTD’s Yext Pages, in particular, have achieved an extremely high engagement rate — Store Pages and Directory Pages have 56% and 21% click-through rates, respectively.

Bright Future Ahead with Yext Partnership

"While it was clear from day one that Yext’s technology was superior to any other vendor’s, what pleasantly surprised me the most was the caliber of its people," praises Boron. "Across the board, I have found no one whom I wouldn’t value to be on my team—they always find a way to get it done and put in the extra hours. They are intelligent, positive, solutions-oriented people. I believe this has been a huge driving factor in the success of our partnership."

"Siempre vamos a centrarnos en proporcionar a nuestros floristas miembros tecnología innovador y puntera para apoyar a sus negocios. Aunque el ecosistema está evolucionando continuamente y el futuro no está siempre claro, lo que podemos hacer ahora es asociarnos con los proveedores más innovadores que se están anticipando a los cambios por y para nosotros. Estoy seguro de que hicimos la apuesta correcta con Yext," concluye Boron.